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We are a team of three javascript developers.
Each of us has over 5 years of experience in web development.
We specialize in React, Angular, SPA, PWA, Native Mobile Apps, Node.js.
For each project, we conduct a performance and security audit.


Benefits of working with us

Work directly
with performers


Saving money:

Why overpay HR companies, management?

Of course, management specialists are important and necessary. But often it’s enough and profitable to work directlywith the development team long-term.

Modern interfaces
for customers interacting


Quick response:

How to effectively interact with customers?

You can add progressive websites,chatbots, mobile applications, optimized SEO blogs to your project. All of this is quickly done in javascript.

Flexible and
long-term cooperation


Start, Pause and continue:

How to ensure a reliable technical partnership?

Life is changeable. But the reliable partnership is permanent. You do not need to look for new contractors, re-interview them, re-sign contracts. Having done negotiations once with us,you can always pause development and continue whenever you want. The same familiar people will back to your project.


Calculate Estimated Development Costs

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API / Web Services

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Productive websites

Such sites are instantly loaded without annoying your client with waiting. Optimized for SEO, making it easy to find your business on the Internet.


Robots that chat with people via chat optimizing service and automating tasks.

API / Web Services / Backend

Often you need to save some data on the web, and send it dynamically to your clients. For this, lightweight and fast asynchronous node.js based servers are ideally suited. Also, we can setup AWS/Azure serverless services.

Solutions for:

Small business


Market place

Sales force

CMS - Content Management

Administrative systems